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Palace Nails Spa | Many photos of coffin nail design 2021 Sherman, TX 75090

Coffin-shaped nails are Kylie Jenner's signature nail shape. Ballerina nails are essentially the stiletto nail, but with a square rather than pointy tip. They're called ballerina nails or coffin nails because the shape resembles both a coffin and a ballerina's slipper.

Palace Nails Spa | Many photos of coffin nail design 2021 Sherman, TX 75090
Nail salon Sherman

If you’ve been paying attention to general color trends, mint is everywhere, from accessories to clothing and makeup to nail polish. Mint is a relaxing, fresh tone that connects with plant life and nature. It perfectly represents the season of renewal. Subtly cool, clean-cut, and refreshing — mint is the accent color that can make a look feel both fresh and edgy. That’s why you need to include this cool shade in your spring-themed manicure. Mint nails are just captivating to the eyes so well.

If you're worried about poking your eye out or you want a slightly less fragile yet still extreme nail shape, try coffin or ballerina nails. This shape, which has two names, is basically like stiletto nails but with a squared-off tip to mimic the appearance of a coffin or pointe shoes.

Palace Nails Spa | Many photos of coffin nail design 2021 Sherman, TX 75090
Nail salon 75090

By the time spring rolls around, it might feel like years since you last saw a sliver of blue sky. What better way to celebrate the return of sunny blue skies than with a classic baby blue polish? This shade looks amazing on any skin tone and can be worn a ton of different ways. You can go for matte baby blue nails with a hint of shimmer, or stick to a glossy finish for the happy spring vibes. An experienced manicurist will know which suits you best, so do not hesitate to pay a visit to a good nail salon.

You can absolutely count on this manicure if you want something stylish for work, but also if you are heading to some event where you need to shine. Join us today and have fun with your new nailstyle!

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